undocutrans stimulus gofundme.jpeg

Trans-Latinx DMV (a chapter of TransLatin@ Coalition) 

is a Two-Spirit Trans Womxn led organization that centers the needs of Black & Indigenous Trans-Latinx people living in Washington, D.C., Maryland, and Virginia.




UndocuTrans Stimulus Fund urges folks with extra income due to the recent government stimulus checks to donate to the health and transitions of undocumented trans and GNC individuals who will not be supported by government stimulus that requires documentation. 

This form of mutual aid is conducted through a GoFundMe from Trans-Latinx DMV, a chapter of TransLatin@ Coalition.


"STIMULUS CHECKS ARE HITTING BANK ACCOUNTS!!!... But not for Undocumented people. The Trans community is being hit hard by COVID-19, and despite all the mutual aid that is available, the UndocuTrans community is still being left behind.

"Introducing the UNDOCUTRANS STIMULUS FUND, a fund organized by Trans-Latinx DMV, a Trans Woman Immigrant Led grassroots organization centering Black & Brown Transgender Latin Americans in the DC, Maryland, and Virginia area. 

"In line with many Latin American nations offering stimulus checks to their citizens (such as El Salvador offering $300), this fund is organizing to provide UndocuTrans individuals across the United States with a $350 stimulus check to provide a little bit of support."