Support for immigrant families in crisis

From SIFIC: 

A chief effort of the Athens Immigrant Rights Coalition is Support For Immigrant Families In Crisis (SIFIC). 

SIFIC works directly with immigrant families impacted by detentions and deportations. SIFIC provides “buddies” who help meet the needs of their families. SIFIC also offers emotional, community, and even financial support to families — including legal and housing fees for families who may have lost crucial income to deportations and detentions.

We draw on community resources to provide essential needs for families suffering the heavy tolls of immigration raids, detentions, and deportations that separate children from parents — suddenly depriving them of access to love, care, and vital income. This community support enables families to fight back against an unfair system without putting their lives on hold.

All funds donated to SIFIC go directly and entirely to families in need. Our buddies, drivers and other workers volunteer their services for free so that funds directed to SIFIC go 100% to the needs of our partner families.