Petition to Suspend Rent, Mortgage, & Utility Payments and 10 Ways to Love Athens

Hi everyone! As we're hunkering down and digging in to community resources, we hope you each are finding community during isolation and hope in the midst of pandemic.

In an act of community, we want to bring forward two items. First, is a petition to Governor Brian Kemp, calling for the suspension of rent, mortgage, and utility payments while COVID-19 is classified as a pandemic and while the US is in crisis.

Here's the petition: Rent Strike 2020. "Rent Strike 2020 is an organizing campaign working in partnership with Socialist Alternative, the Rose Caucus, and branches of Youth Climate Action Team & Youth Climate Strike, as well as multiple direct-action and mutual aid organizations around the country." states the petition, now circulating on Facebook through the Athens Community.

The second effort that we want to share with you is a list of 10 Ways to Love Athens during troubling times, a document put out by Envision Athens, a local effort seeking expansive unity for the city of Athens through multiple sub groups like CREATE Athens which has been focusing on economic growth and financial stability for the arts and music communities in Athens. We're pasting the document below, but to access the live links within the document, please visit 10 Ways to Love Athens and make sure to visit Envision Athens for ongoing community efforts.

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