How to Participate in the Black Lives Matter movement in Athens

Updated: Jun 11, 2020

We’ve compiled a brief list of ways to participate in the Black Lives Matter movement in Athens, Georgia. This is by no means an exhaustive list of the places and things to donate and support. Please continue to share resources as you discover them, and we will update this list as we receive information. AMAN is committed to amplifying voices in the Black community.

Know Your Rights- A brief primer on your rights as a protestor from the ACLU of Georgia

Know Your Rights While Protesting Police Brutality- ACLU of Georgia

How to Protest in a Pandemic- ACLU of Georgia

Athens, GA as of June 11, 2020

· CARS FOR CARE, NOT COPS- Saturday June 13th, at 7pm

· Contact your commissioner and Mayor Girtz asking them to support the 50/10 Transition Plan

· Read about the June 6th rally

· Contact Mayor Kelly Girtz asking him to publicly stand against the use of tear gas from the May 31st rally

Athens, GA as of June 5, 2020

· Donate to the Athens Anti-Discrimination Movement Freedom fund for bail relief and legal services

· Follow up from the March for Black Lives Rally Saturday June 6th 2pm @ City Hall in downtown Athens, GA

--> See their recommendations for best-practices and information for immunocompromised people

--> Read the experience of three volunteer medics who were tear-gassed during the non-violent rally Sunday, May 31st

--> Contact Mayor Girtz asking him to condemn the use of tear gas on Athenian protestors

· Sign the Georgia Justice Petition to urge Georgia state legislators to help protect the lives of Black people in our state with three specific actions

--> Text AADM to 31996 for more information

· Contact Mayor Girtz and county commissioners in solidarity with police reform efforts across the country and to pass Commissioner Parker’s and Denson's 10 Year transition plan

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