For Mercy Clinic, there will be modified procedures

No evening clinics for at least 4 weeks.

  1. New Patient Appointment Line suspended for 2 weeks

  2. All patients are being screened using COVID-19 CDC guidelines

  3. Established Patients are asked to call the clinic before coming in and remain in their vehicles - patients without vehicles are being brought in the building and seated a minimum of 6 feet apart

  4. All non-essential visits have been rescheduled for the next month.  Patients needing care are being provided telehealth visits, and seen in person only if absolutely necessary, in an effort to minimize the burden on the local ED 

  5. We are continuing to fill medications daily to ensure patients maintain access to medications without lapses.  


If an Established Patient needs medications/refills, they are instructed to call the clinic to place a request.  We will schedule a time for pick-up. At pick-up, patients are to remain in their vehicles (if possible) and call once they are in the parking lot. A Mercy staff member will bring them to their vehicle.