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The concept for this group originated with J. Peter in Metro Atlanta who started the "Mask Making for Atlanta Healthcare Workers" group.

The purpose of this group is to create home-made masks for Athens-area home health caregivers, healthcare workers in facilities, family caregivers and family members of people in facilities. These masks are not intended to replace N95 surgical masks. They are intended to be used as a covering over approved medical masks to extend the length of use. 

** Volunteers Needed **

1. Donors or donations for supplies (A full materials list is posted in the documents of the group: ie. water resistant fabric - polyester, wide elastic 1/4 or 3/8, thread)

2. Volunteers to order and gather supplies and to deliver to the folks that are sewing the masks

3. Volunteers to sew the masks

4. Volunteers to deliver the masks to those in need

If you would like to request masks from this group or you know of a caregiver or facility who needs masks, please message by posting your name on the "Making Masks for Athens" discussion thread.

** Please note **

This is not a group in which to sell products or receive any compensation. This group is purely being formed to mobilize our community efforts as acts of kindness to help people in need. This is a wonderful opportunity for all of us who are home-bound in this time to give back! If you have time, supplies, donations or talents to share in this effort, please join us!