Corona Tutors

This is a local group of high school students offering free, online tutoring to any Athens Student. Contact them at or register through their website.

Free Subscription

& Education doc

A google doc was created with all the companies offering free subscriptions for educational opportunities in lieu of schools closing.

internet essentials


For new low-income customers, Comcast is giving away two months of this complimentary internet program. Call (855) 846-8376.

Zoom removed limits for k-12 calls

Zoom CEO has released restrictions on Zoom video chatting for K-12 students and their teachers.



Spectrum is setting up wifi hotspots across the country and giving 60 days free broadband w/out installation fees. For enrollment call 1-844-488-8395.

CCsd research projects

CCSD students who may need to complete research projects can go to to access resources that are reputable and relevant. The password for accessing this database from home is “malt”.