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Athens Mutual Aid Network is a coalition of Athens organizations and community members coming together to support the most vulnerable members of Athens through this public health emergency. We aim to connect people with ongoing relief efforts, collect and distribute accurate information to our community, and advocate for critical policy actions to address unmet needs.


Keep up with resources around town, thoughtful pieces of writing, and a regular newsletter! 




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HELP with


Do you need to create a specific volunteer position without making a google form? Athens Help With COVID will help you post, recruit, and search for long-term volunteer candidates in your community! 


Athens Mutual Aid Network uses Open Collective for contributions to mutual aid efforts in Athens. Sign up to become a contributor to help your Athens neighbors.

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This is a collections space for artworks. 

Please submit an artist's work you love or your own work!


Keep up with UGA and USG's policies in response to COVID-19

Some mask making groups in Athens and the South

Keep up with the Athens Clarke County government response to COVID-19

Keep up with testing updates, CDC guidelines for maintaining health and other important things to make it through COVID-19 


Resources around Athens for COVID-19 Testing. 


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